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“Whelan alone is a reason to watch the show… There is such a thing as being too good at playing a teenager, but Whelan has been able to keep her character realistically unpredictable and maddening and sympathetic from one moment to the next.” – The New Yorker

“Bright, gawky, and insecure, unconventionally beautiful, but painfully unaware of it, a trial to her mother but with a soul to treasure… Whelan is so good that viewers don’t notice how good she is; people just assume she is Grace, when really ABC should be putting up billboards touting the most promising young actress discovery since Claire Danes.” – The Oregonian

“… [Whelan] wears her self-conscious teen angst so painfully that you may think you’re watching Claire Danes in “My So Called Life.” – LA Times

“Ms. Whelan is the standout… utterly convincing as a real teenager—the Claire Danes for the next millennium.” – The Wall Street Journal

“I read an article about Julia Whelan a few years back. In it she said she’s aware that viewers don’t really like Grace, although they root for her. This is a testament to Whelan’s acting and her total abandonment into the character. She’s not just another teen actress looking to land some hair dye commercials—she’s creating a three dimensional character.” – PRIMETIME TV

“Whelan is heartbreaking as Grace, Lily’s troubled oldest daughter, portraying her with gravity and sadness…” – TV Host


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